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July 8, 2013
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The Man who keep running by 6worldangel9 The Man who keep running by 6worldangel9
"My name, my real name - that is not the point. The name I chose is the Doctor. The name you choose, is like... it's like a promise you make. He's the one who broke the promise."- The Name of the Doctor


Finally, it's done. The last time, I just drew the three "new" Doctors, now, it's all of them, including the Doctor Hurt. He seems to be between Eight and Nine, during the Time War.

I like this theory because it will make the bond between the two eras. But, in the other hand I think I will be a little disappointed if it's the truth (I know the last "revelation" by the costumer). Because, if this incarnation is the greatest secret of the Doctor, it only happened during the Time War. I mean, we don't know why he left Gallifrey in the first place, why he stole a Tardis. This is the greatest mystery ! (with his name)
For the moment, John Hurt's incarnation is the secret of New Doctors, not the Classic Doctors.
But wait and see...

About the drawing, I used a lot of references, really... a lot O.O



Finalement, j'ai terminé :D La dernière fois, je n'avais dessiné que les trois Docteurs les plus récents, maintenant, les voici tous, y compris l'incarnation interprétée par John Hurt. Il semble être entre le Huitième et Neuvième, durant la... the Time War (parlons franglais un instant)

J'aime beaucoup cette théorie car elle permet de faire le lien entre les deux ères de la série mais, il y a tout de même un petit goût amer à mon avis à son propos. En effet, si cette incarnation est le plus grand secret du Docteur, elle est apparue durant la guerre. En fait, nous ne savons pas en premier lieu pourquoi le Docteur a quitté sa planète, pourquoi il a volé un Tardis. Voilà le grand mystère !
Cela fait de l'incarnation interprétée par John Hurt le secret de des trois derniers Docteurs, pas celui des classiques

Concernant le dessin, j'ai utilisé des références... beaucoup de références O.O

Art © ~6worldangel9.
Character © : BBC
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My god this is brilliant! It Really is. Man i don't think ive ever seen a more powerful image of ALL the doctors together like this.

You've got to try and update this at some point dude please! It would be amazing to see Peter Capaldi here and have a few more doctors with sonics instead of just 8th. 11th, 9th and 3rd would probably look best.
PLEASE try to do this. 😃
It's well done! I love the fact that 8th doctor fought only at the beginning of the war, and the War Doctor fought like the other 90 percent of.  when he regenerates in the 50th, you don't know when it is.  He most likely blew up Gallefrey mid way through and did a lot of clean up afterwards.
'Never looking back because he dare not to, out of shame.'

One through Eight are looking away, ,

the War Doctor is looking straight at it.

Nine is completely facing away from Arcadia, he can't bear to look at it.

and Ten and Eleven are looking away again
They all look awesome, except 11.
Hardly recognised him at first.  The face is alright, but the hair and coat just look off.
Other than that, great piece :)
warman546 Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He runs no more
At first, I hated the War Doctor. I think it was because John Hurt was in everything British, so he annoyed me. But after seeing the 50th, I have found a newfound respect for Mr.Hurt.
*smirking*  You've never seen I, Claudius, have you? 
No, the only thing I've seen him in besides Doctor Who is Harry Potter as Olivander.
You should check it out.  It's the trashy tabloid version of the history of the Roman emperors Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, and Claudius.  John Hurt played Caligula, and his performance was what put him on the map as an actor.  
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